It Takes Work

I sometimes have clients who are surprised or unhappy when I suggest making changes to what they eat or their activity level. I’m not talking about completely changing their diet or making them exercise for 2 hours a day everyday of the week. I’m talking about even little changes – like using olive oil and vinegar instead of a creamy dressing, or having more fish. Not because they don’t like oil, vinegar, or fish… but just because they don’t want to change.

We all have moments like this. We don’t like something about our lives. We want it to be different. BUT… we continue to do the same thing that got us there in the first place. If we want a different result, we need to change the cause right? If you want to grow a pine tree, you plant a pine tree seed. Not an acorn. Or a seed from a maple tree. Or any other kind of tree. If you want to be healthy, you eat healthy foods and use it in a healthy way.

But it’s not that easy with eating, and I understand. Eating is RARELY just eating. It’s being with friends and family. It can be emotional – feeling sad, happy, celebratory, bored, frustrated… we have probably all eaten (or not eaten) for every different kind of emotion we have. That’s another story though.

At my gym, I’m known as the “bad cop” trainer (although I think of myself as just a really tough good cop!), so today, with you my Erica’s-Edge-blog-friends, I’m being the bad cop and calling you out. It is time to stop being lazy about your diet and fitness and make some changes. And make no mistake – It will take work. It’s not that it will be torturous – you’re not going to starve, you’re not going to have to change everything you eat or do, but it will take some discipline and determination. But here’s the good news… once you get used to it, YOU WILL LOVE IT and it will NOT be a burden. It will be your way of life. And you’ll feel amazing. And who doesn’t want to feel amazing?

So if you’re ready to get off your ass and make a change in your life, do this for me.

  1. Write down what it is you want out of your health and wellness.
  2. Then write down what you are doing in your diet and fitness to HELP you get there.
  3. Then write down what you are doing in your diet and fitness to PREVENT you from getting there.
  4. Pick one of the things from step 3, and write down what you can do to change it – be SPECIFIC. (See my post on goal setting!)
  5. This is going to be your goal for the next 1 – 4 weeks (it depends on how difficult this is for you to change).
  6. Then 1 – 4 weeks later, pick another one.
  7. And so on…
  8. For more help on setting your goals and making changes, see my services, which can be done in person or virtually.

Make it happen. NOW is the time to create for yourself the healthy life you want. Not tomorrow. Not after your birthday cake, or after work slows down, or at the end of the semester, or, or, or… Now is the time to start taking your health into your own hands. YOU CAN DO IT!